YTAPI Custom Player Demo

Main player - VideosJS

Supported options:
1.autoplay - Start video automaticaly (disable=0, enable=1, default=0)
2.rel - Show related video posters after video play (disable=0, enable=1, default=1)
3.facebook - Show Facebook button to the control panel of player (disable=0, enable=1, default=1) - Show VAP or custom ads from 1s to 30s inside each video (disable=0, enable=1, default=0)
5.ssl - Support SSL (disable=0, enable=1, default=0) - Add download button to the control panel of player (disable=0, enable=1, default=0)
7.color - Control panel color (Red, Green, Blue, default=66A8CC)
8.storyboard - Show thumbnails above video seeker (disable=0, enable=1, default=1)
9.loop - Play video in infinite loop (disable=0, enable=1, default=0)
10.controls - Hide control panel (disable=0, enable=1, default=1)
11.fs - Show fullscreen button (disable=0, enable=1, default=0)
12.start - Number of seconds from the start of the video play (two minutes offset, default=0)
13.goto - URL for redirect browser after video end (, default is empty)
14.jsinclude - include JavaScript file (demo.js, showad.js, rollad.js, default is empty)
15.adsense & adsense_slot - Google Adsense ads 728x90 inside player (ask support)
16.dfp & dfp_slot - Doubleclick for publisher ads 728x90 inside player (ask support)
17.preload - can set to: auto or metadata or none, default is auto
18.poster - override poster image
19.vq - video quality 240p 360p (default) 720p
20.logo - Branding with logo image and URL:
l_img - URL to logo image
l_url - Link to brand site
l_title - Title (description) for the link (example)
All options can be mixed

Other players

Only "autoplay" option supported
5.VideoJS 5.0 share cursor vq loop controls goto ads